Eight Of The Best Ways To Make Money Online

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It's possible to do just about anything on the internet nowadays, whether it's checking emails, watching TV, listening to a podcast or keeping up to date with the news, but how much time on average each week does it take up?
A new report from Ofcom says adults in the UK spend an average of one day every week on the internet, with 70 per cent using their smart phone to do so, and now just 12 per cent of UK adults don't use the internet.
But instead of spending hours on end browsing the internet or posting photos on Facebook, what if you could use that time online to make yourself richer.
Adults in the UK spend an average of one day every week on the internet, mainly on mobiles
There's a whole host of different things you can do to make money online and while the amount you can earn may be small, it all add ups.
In a similar way there's also lots of things you can do to save money, whether it's switching an energy account, transferring a high-internet credit card onto one with a lower interest, or learning a new skill and completing an online university course.
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1. Report derelict properties and earn Amazon vouchers
If you see a property in London which is derelict and you report it to YouSpotProperty.com, you could earn a £20 Amazon or M&S voucher.
To get the vouchers you'll need to be the first person to report it, and if the property is brought back into use, you will get 1 per cent of the purchase price back.
The website was set up with the aim of getting rid of empty and derelict properties and bringing them back onto the housing market. If a property is found, the site offers the owner a cash sum for it and if successful it will then renovate the property and put it up for sale - with a percentage of this going back to the spotter.
If you sell on eBay you'll have to pay fees for selling of 10 per cent of the value plus postage
2. Sell your photos online
If you have relatively decent photography skills, you may be able to sell your snaps to one of the leading stock image websites.
Alamy, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock all pay for photos, either a set price or a percentage of the price for which your photo sells.
You usually have to upload photos from a good quality camera and some websites, such as Alamy, will only accept those from a DSLR camera. 
3. Become a 'comper' and win big with online competitions
There's thousands of free competitions to enter online, with websites specifically set up to list them, and there are often stories about ‘compers' winning thousands of pounds worth of prizes.
However, winning is not guaranteed and it can take a while (unless you're an extremely lucky person).
Snap: Alamy, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock may pay you for your stock photos
The more you enter, the higher your chance of winning, and most entries involve filling in an online form, sending in a postcard, or sharing something on social media.
It's a lot easier to use a site where multiple competitions are listed in one place, such as the Competitions Time forum page of the MoneySavingExpert.com website where they are not only listed but the answers are also usually shared.
thisismoney.co.uk ASK AN EXPERT Put your question to our team of independent experts. Click the more button to email us more You can also set up your internet browser to automatically fill in your details on online forms, saving you the time of having to do it yourself for every competition.
Unless you want to be bombarded with spam it's worth setting up a separate email account specifically for the competitions you're entering.
4. Get paid for filling out online surveys and watching videos
You can earn money filling in online surveys, polls, and questionnaires and watching online videos and playing games with the website Swagbucks.
It says it's paid out £158,637,300 in cash and free gift cards and it earns money from the firms it lists which are usually looking for promotion or to do some market research. 
You earn points for every one you complete and these can then be exchanged for cash, which you can withdraw into a Paypal account, or vouchers.  
If you're renting out a space in your house you won't pay tax on the first £1,000 you earn
5. Clear out your old junk and make some money from it
It's an obvious one but it really can make a difference. Clearing out your old junk, be it mobiles phones, clothes, books or jewellery, and selling them online can be a good way to de-clutter and to create some extra cash.
For example, an Apple iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5, both with a 16GB storage, could see you around £50 richer if selling on Sellmymobile.com.
[/money/bills/article-7559679/See-cheaper-insurance-Money-Compare-Market.html see-cheaper-insurance-money-compare-market.html] Where you sell the items can also be important. 
If it's on eBay you'll have to pay fees for selling of 10 per cent of the final value plus the postage while if you're selling on eBay or Facebook, it's free although the seller and buyer protection isn't as stringent. 
6. Reclaim lost bank accounts
Finding old bank accounts, especially those with money in, can be a real goldmine, but if you've lost the paperwork and it's been years since you opened it, this can be a a hassle to do.
The website, My Lost Account, is a handy tool for quickly searching for lost cash. It was set up by the British Bankers' Association, the Building Societies Association and National Savings & Investments.
There's an online form where you need to list all the firms you think you've had a bank or building society with, and these companies then need to contact you within three months to let you know if an account exists with money in it for you.
You will also be asked to enter as much of the following information as you have; the branch you opened it at, when it was opened, when it was last used, the account details and the approximate balance.    
Cash boost: You could sell an Apple iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S5, for around £50
7. Sell your writing work online
There are a number of websites, such as Textbroker, which will pay you for writing copy. Companies list the job they need, such as words for an advert or a website, along with the amount of payment available and the deadline.
Once you've signed up, usually by completing a short writing task, you can then scan the jobs available and sign up to those which you feel you can do.
Payment varies, with some by article and others by individual word, and there usually isn't a fee for writers to join.
8. Rent your spare space
If you have a spare room, attic, garage or drive way, you could be making money by renting out to someone else.
This could be through a website such as Airbnb, if it's a spare room, or through somewhere like Easycarclub if it's your car.
With renting a room you can earn up to £7,500 per year rent free with the Government's Rent a Room scheme.
If you're renting out a space in your house, a garage, attic or drive, for example, you can earn up to £1,000 a year before paying tax under a new tax break which came into force this tax year for those making money from their property.

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